National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training
  • The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) is a global centre of excellence for training and research in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • NIBRT is located in a world class facility in Dublin, Ireland. This facility is purpose built to closely replicate a modern bioprocessing plant with state-of-the-art equipment and enables NIBRT to offer the highest quality training and research solutions.
  • NIBRT’s mission is to support the growth and development of all aspects of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

  • Training at NIBRT

    NIBRT provides an extensive selection of training courses and solutions designed for both industry and individuals. Our training delivery options are diverse, including customised industry training, short courses, on-demand online training via the NIBRT Online Academy (NOA), and academic programs such as Certificates, Masters, and Government co-funded Springboard+ courses.

    At our state-of-the-art training facilities, trainees benefit from a simulated training environment that is unparalleled in the industry. This prepares trainees for real-life work situations and provides them with hands-on experience that was previously unavailable.
  • Research at NIBRT

    NIBRT research is a world leading developer of innovative technologies that improve biopharmaceutical manufacturing and a global resource for the industry.

    Motivated by the manufacturing challenges faced by the industry, NIBRT Research conducts ground-breaking research in various interdisciplinary areas such as analytical science, cell and genetic engineering, informatics, and bioprocess engineering.

    Through their discoveries, NIBRT Research aims to improve the manufacturing of recombinant proteins, vaccines, and cutting-edge cell and gene therapies, ultimately contributing to the advancement of the biopharmaceutical industry as a whole.
  • NIBRT Global Partner Programme

    The NIBRT Global Partner Programme supports an international alliance of leading training and education organisations to help address the global shortage of a skilled biopharma workforce.

    The Global Partners Programme enables qualified organisations to license NIBRT’s expertise to provide biopharma training and education capability in their region.

    The Programme operates on a licence model, where NIBRT provides set-up and ongoing support to Partners in the following areas:
    • Training facility design
    • Training equipment specifications
    • Business and operating model development
    • Brand development, marketing, business development
    • Curriculum design, development, delivery
    • Digital training solutions
    • Technology transfer and train-the-trainer
    • Membership of NIBRT Global Partner Programme
    If you would like information on NIBRT Global Partner Programme contact info@nibrt.ie