K-NIBRT Global training institute for professional manpower leading the bioindustry Establishment and operation of world-class bioprocess education infrastructure based on GMP
Our Network and Cooperation Global bioindustry hub Establishment and operation of industry-academic cooperation model for nurturing manpower suitable for industrial demand
Training and Education at K-NIBRT Next-generation bioprocess education based on technology Early settlement and expansion of Korean NIBRT through the introduction of an advanced education system


is a national institute for bioprocessing research and training,
which is established by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy,
Incheon Metropolitan City Hall, Yonsei University, and Incheon Technopark.


Fostering global talents who can grow into innovative leaders in the bioindustry


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News Letter

K-NIBRT Newsletter Vol. 3 (ENG) 2023.01.10 read more


2023 K-NIBRT 1st Workshop  K-NIBRT 1st Workshop​​Presentation of the 4th project plan for 2023, curriculum and external cooperation​  2023. 02. 02.(Thur) ​​​ ​​​  2023.02.02 read more