Academic Program

Fostering talents who can grow into
innovative leaders in the bio industry

1Cultivating field-type middle managers who have acquired convergence knowledge and global standards for biopharmaceutical process optimization 2Nurturing experts who lead the niche market of ‘future innovative medicines’ such as antibody therapy, gene therapy,
and advanced biopharmaceuticals using new biopharmaceutical process technology
K-NIBRT degree and degree program In this training course, job competency review according to the NCS will be conducted as a service task, and from 2021, the graduate school specializing in the pharmaceutical and bio industry will open and operate courses for each semester.
Degree course (NIBRT level 7-9) In this course, two intensive curriculums (Pharmaceutical Biomanufacturing Quality Management Course and Artificial Intelligence Course) will be operated in the pharmaceutical industry cooperation course.
The degree program also operates
intensive courses for each process module.
It operates education courses for each biopharmaceutical
process module by reflecting the demands of the industry.