Korea National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training
Welcome to our website!
I am Lee, Jin Woo
Chairperson of K-NIBRT
and Executive Vice President of Yonsei University International Campus.
I am very pleased that the Yonsei University International Campus carries out the K-NIBRT project through a consortium of Yonsei University, Incheon Metropolitan City Hall, and Incheon Technopark, which will nurture the core manpower of the bio-health industry, one of the growth engine industries in Korea.
Securing outstanding bio-research capabilities
The Yonsei University International Campus is located in Songdo, where many bio companies are located, and as the vest private university in Korea, it has excellent bio-research capabilities based on its educational infrastructure that has attracted excellent talent.
In addition, Yonsei University’s open and flexible attitude to cooperate with businesses is an important asset that can lead to the success of the K-NIBRT.
The K-NIBRT project group plans to build a world-class GMP training institute by the end of 2023 and officially open it in 2024.
Our project group provides a specialized training course for the development and processing of biomedicine, and we strive to cultivate the competence of talented trainees who have completed this course to make them recognized as the best in the industry.
We also expect that the professional manpower who have completed the company-specific training course will be able to solve the problem of the shortage of manpower required for the rapidly increasing demand for cutting-edge bio-pharm production.
Emerging as a bioindustry hub
At a time when competition among countries to become a leader in the bio-health industry is intensifying, the K-NIBRT project will play a pivotal role in raising Korea’s bio-health competitiveness.
Finally, we firmly believe that the K-NIBRT project will greatly contribute to making Korea soar into a world-class country in the global bio industry.
Thank you.
Chairperson of K-NIBRT Lee, Jin Woo