Business Introduction

Domestic and International Cooperation

Cooperation with domestic network

Domestic universities Other institutes Businesses
  • Joint research with domestic universities and promotion of mid-to-long-term projects
  • Operation of joint degree system and joint credit system
  • Acting as a bio-industry hub in Songdo
  • Promotion of joint research and mid-to-long-term R&D projects
  • Establishment of academic-research joint research system
  • Joint use of R&D infrastructure
  • Establishment of a joint research system with businesses
  • Joint use of R&D equipment through the operation of corporate research support programs
  • Operation of education programs related to businesses
  • Information exchange with start-ups

Partner businesses

  • Support for strengthening external competitiveness of businesses such as joint use of R&D equipment technical support by operating a corporate research support program
  • Enhancement of the capabilities of businesses by providing expert education programs related to industrial bioprocessing
  • Enhancement of the entrepreneurship of trainees by preparing a practical start-up program and supporting the establishment of a start-up community

Cooperation with overseas network