General Process Training Program

Classification of curriculum

Classification Contents
Theory course Biotechnology I: Basic theory course for non-majors A prerequisite course for non-majors determined according to the degree of completion of their courses
Biotechnology II: Advanced theory course A required subject to be completed in advance for trainees who try to complete the K-NIBRT program for the first time
Practice course It consists of upstream process, downstream process, finishing process, and analysis process.
To increase efficiency, 12 students per class can take this course.
The equipment used for this course has been prepared, and 120 students are scheduled to take this course in 2021 only

- Practice module

Specialized course This course consists of Biopharma 4.0 and Vaccine Manufacturing according to the recent process automation trend.
Partner course This course is held by requesting equipment suppliers or pharmaceutical companies.

K-NIBRT training course based on NCS

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