Business Introduction

Research Field

Main research areas of the K-NIBRT

01. Smart Bio Process Based on Digital Twin Technology

  • By combining continuous manufacturing (CM) technology and digital technology, this technology can perform predictive simulations for various culture conditions, optimize process conditions, and maximize biopharmaceutical production efficiency and quality.

02. Smart cell line design technology

  • This technology is developed in four systems: building big data DV of animal-derived cells, developing machine learning techniques for gene target discovery, optimizing animal cell genome editing technology, and developing high-performance animal cell production strains.
  • Currently, the participating researchers and the NIBRT research team are jointly developing a single cell analysis method for the biopharmaceutical production process.

03. Advanced Dug (gene/cell therapies) Process Technology

  • For this technology, it is necessary to establish a base technology for the development of advanced medicines (gene therapies and cell therapies), which are next-generation therapeutics that are in rapid demand.
  • We plan to establish a digital twin production process for cell therapy products by building a therapeutic cell-specific genome-level metabolic model and monitoring the therapeutic cell culture process in real time.
  • We are currently planning to receive CART-T and stem cell culture-related technologies through international joint research with Singapore's BTI Research Institute.