Business Introduction

Regional Infrastructure of the K_NIBRT Project Group

Connection between Incheon Bio Health Valley Project and YSP Project

Business Goal of Incheon Bio Health Valley] R&D commercialization support

Creating a win-win ecosystem for the bio-health industry

Infrastructure of the international campus

  • Support for test certification
    Test certification using joint devices
    Support for technology and certification test (in cooperation with ITP)
  • Facility support
    Provision of residential facilities for instructors and trainees
    Acceptance of on-campus residential facilities
  • Education
    Opening work-to-school departments
    Support for employee's degree acquisition
  • Infrastructure
    Establishment of smart bio factory animal experiment center and joint device center
  • Cooperation with hospitals
    Joint research with the research team located in the international campus
    Cooperation through the construction of Yonsei University Songdo Severance Hospital
  • International cooperation
    Yonsei University researcher - World-class researcher - Hosting joint research
    Vitalization of joint research and cooperative seminars
  • Joint research
    Joint research conducted by Yonsei University and the companies located in the university
    Promotion of employment through the participation of graduate students in joint research
  • Accelerating
    Network formation with accelerating institutions, management consulting institutions, and venture investment institutions