Business Introduction

Development Strategy

Long-term development strategy for curriculum

Introduction of NIBRT education program
01. Infrastructure 2020 ~ 23
  • Supplementation and improvement for actual education

    - Securing and nurturing instructors

  • Design and construction of educational facilities
  • Establishment of program composition and pilot education
  • Introduction of the NIBRT system
02. Actual Project Promotion Period 2024 ~ 25
  • Implementation of education courses within the K-NIBRT ]

    - Introduction of the same training course implemented by NIBRT based on the license signed with NIBRT

Education Development through Continued Collaboration with NIBRT
03. Building a Foundation for Independence 2026 ~
  • Development and implementation of Korean-style optimized bioprocess education

    - Signing a global membership contract to continue the same program as NIBRT and developing a customized education program in Korea even after the license expires

  • Various joint programs with NIBRT

    - Carrying out a global joint research program through continuous cooperation with NIBRT

Global Institution Specialized in Digital Technology

License Termination with NIBRT

04. Global Institution Specialized in Digital Technology
  • Development of education in the latest technological fields

    - Development of educational programs based on the strengths of K-NIBRT
    - Acting as a global hub for the education of the latest fields of bioprocessing
    - Differentiation from existing NIBRT education in cooperation with the Pharmaceutical and Bio Commercialization Center

  • Strengthening the global status of the K-NIBRT

    - Growing into a hub for training and nurturing domestic and foreign bioprocess manpower by developing various educational modules such as high-value educational programs
    - Serving as a hub for corporate technology development services by maintaining a pool of professors and trained graduate students within the K-NIBRT and attracting high-quality overseas talents

Long-term development strategy of K-NIBRT in connection with local industry