Degree Course

Fostering talents who can grow into
innovative leaders in the bio industry

1Cultivating field-type middle managers who have acquired convergence knowledge and global standards for biopharmaceutical process optimization 2Nurturing experts who lead the niche market of ‘future innovative medicines’ such as antibody therapy, gene therapy,
and advanced biopharmaceuticals using new biopharmaceutical process technology

Degree Course(planned)


  • 01 Cultivation of basic knowledge
    Common subjects(9 credits)
    • Introduction to the pharmaceutical bio industry (3 credits)
    • Introduction to biopharmaceuticals(3 credits)
    • One of pharmaceutical engineering or pharmaceutical statistics(3 credits)
  • 02 Expertise / Skills
    Concentration(9 credits)
    Pharmaceutical bio process development Pharmaceutical bio manufacturing quality management Pharmaceutical bio license
    3 subjects of the selected concentration (9 credits) or 2 subjects of the selected concentration (6 credits) + 1 subject of the related major (3 credits)
    concentration(6 credits)
    Industry-university cooperation internship 1&2
    Elective subjects for pharmaceutical bio industry related majors
  • 03 Scientific
    problem-solving ability
    thesis research(6 credits)
    Writing a thesis or field-type research project