Degree Course

Fostering talents who can grow into
innovative leaders in the bio industry

1Cultivating field-type middle managers who have acquired convergence knowledge and global standards for biopharmaceutical process optimization 2Nurturing experts who lead the niche market of ‘future innovative medicines’ such as antibody therapy, gene therapy,
and advanced biopharmaceuticals using new biopharmaceutical process technology

First semester of 2021

  • Professor Jin Hyun Jeong/ Hotcherl Jeong
  • Subject Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Credit 3
  • Objectives and overview Recombinant DNA technology has fundamentally changed the method of discovering and developing new drugs. In this course, students learn how to discover and develop drugs using recombinant DNA technology and other biotechnology technologies in living things. This course deals with the basic knowledge of biotechnology, microbial pharmaceutical biotechnology, and the relationship between biotechnology and society, with an emphasis on acquiring appropriate and general knowledge about principles rather than details. Yonsei University Pharmaceutical Industry Cooperation Course
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Second semester of 2021

  • Professor Kim Hwajong
  • Subject Python for AI and Drug Discovery
  • Credit 3
  • Objectives and overview It aims to develop AI development capabilities using Python and to understand the overall understanding of AI machine learning in drug development.
  • Professor Sung Ook Chung
  • Subject Introductory Course of Bioprocess Engineering
  • Credit 3
  • Objectives and overview Bioengineering is emerging for efficient industrialization through economical production and quality control of biopharmaceuticals. It aims to acquire basic knowledge about the basic process and background of bioprocess to develop products based on basic research in the field of biotechnology

First semester of 2022

  • Professor Hwajong Kim
  • Subject AI based Drug Discovery
  • Credit 3
  • Objectives and overview In this course, you will learn the basics of how AI technology is used in the process of drug discovery. You will learn how to represent molecular data to be used as input to a machine learning model and how to implement a machine learning model in Python.
    In order to take this class, you need to learn enough about Python programming, especially how to use pandas and numpy packages.

    This course covers (i) Understanding Machine Learning and Deep Learning, (ii) DeepChem,RDKit, (iii) Fingerprint, Mol Property, (iv) Drug-Target Interaction, and (v) Hit Discovery, Virtual Screeninng.
  • Professor Hotcherl Jeong
  • Subject Biopharmaceuticals and Precision Medicine
  • Credit 3
  • Objectives and overview Precision medicine is an innovative approach to tailoring disease prevention and treatment that takes into account differences in people's genes, environments, and lifestyles. Precision medicine allows us to use molecular characteristics to define diseases and to integrate different types of biomarkers into drug development. This new landscape holds tremendous promise for innovation in biopharmaceuticals.
    This course covers (i) introduction to precision medicine, (ii) the human genome, (iii) analysis of genetic information, (iv) companion diagnostics, and (v) therapeutic applications of pharmacogenomics.

Credit exchange with other universities

Universities eligible for credit exchange

The Catholic Univ., Korea Univ., Korea National Defense Univ., Dongguk Univ., Sogang Univ., Seoul National Univ., Sungkyunkwan Univ., Ewha Womans Univ., Hanyang Univ., KAIST, UST
  • First semester of 2021
    -「Pharmaceutical Biotechnology」opened
  • Second semester of 2021
    -「Python for AI and Drug Discovery」

    -「Introductory Course of Bioprocess Engineering」It will be opened
  • The Catholic Univ.
  • Korea Univ.
  • Korea National Defense Univ.
  • Dongguk Univ.
  • Sogang Univ.
  • Seoul National Univ.
  • Sung Kyun Kwan Univ.
  • Ewha Womans Univ.
  • Hanyang Univ.
  • UST